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Not much else going on. I have some kind of virus, according to the Health Center. It feels an awful lot like the flu, but the doctor said it isn't the flu, since it isn't flu season yet. Whatever it is, I hope the Robitussin and Ibuprofen are enough to drive it away for a while, because it is nasty.

Adam got me The Sims Nightlife for an early anniversary present :) It is awesome. Vampires, yay.
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Trying to get a job.

Community Assistants have to read a book called Nickel and Dimed for Week of Welcome activities, and it's a really well-timed read for me. The book is about a journalist who did an experiment: she decided that for a month, she would live in a variety of places trying to get by on low-wage jobs to see if minimum wage was really adequate for survival and comfort. Without ruining the book for anyone, I can say two things: 1)it was really good, and 2)she had trouble keeping an apartment on $6-7/hr.
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Blah. In short, summer job hunting thus far fruitless. Off to try again tomorrow, and to see Episode III of Star Wars. I just got back from Daytona Beach, Florida today. Adam and his family went there to visit Adam's brother, Bill, and Bill's 10-month-old daughter, Zoe, who is positively adorable. They invited me to come along with them (very generous of them). I had a great time. Zoe is one of the most well-behaved babies I've ever met. We stayed in a beautiful resort on the beach with several pools and hot tubs, and all kinds of other stuff. It was the first time I really every was in the ocean for more than 15 minutes or so. Our suite was incredible. We saw the racetrack at Daytona, Kennedy Space Center, and we went to DisneyWorld :) It was the first time I was ever there, and it was tons of fun, although I kind of wish we had gotten to spend more time there. Oh well, all good vacations are too short. I'm going to sleep now, as the aforementioned Star Wars tickets are for 10:40 tomorrow (technically, this) morning.
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So, the new laptop is here, and it is indeed awesome. I am mooching off of the school's wireless network in the library right now, heh heh. The Sims 2 runs so, so fast. It's incredible.

Chris' fourteenth birthday was yesterday. I still can't believe he is that old. Whoa. Also, I went to Adam's for Passover this weekend, which was nice. The food was very good, and I'm glad his parents invited me to the Seder. Cool stuff.

I am now finished writing all my final papers *bows* I just have to do a portfolio for Intro to Ed, and revise a couple of those papers. I do have one final, for Bio, which shouldn't be too bad, except the professor is including half old stuff, half new stuff on the final, and it's worth more than the other tests. As long as I don't bomb it, my grade should still be an A. I can't believe it's the last week of classes already. Next week is finals week, then I move back home, and then I go to Florida.

Arg. Just realized one of those papers is due tomorrow. Off to revise.
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So, I stole this from sansagenda. First lines from my favorite ten books (or at least those I could think of). See if you can guess what books they are.

1)"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

2)"From the crumpled bed the wife said, 'I think today's the day. Look how low I've gone.'"

3)"It was almost December, and Jonas was beginning to be frightened."

4)"My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie."

5)"It is my first morning of high school."

6)"I learn in this letter that Don Pedro of Aragon comes this night to Messina."

7) "Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board."

8) "I thought the king had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall."

9) "Harry Potter was a highly unusual boy in many ways." (I know, I know, but which one?)

10)"Dad had Uncle Eddie round, so naturally they had to come and see what I was up to."

Yeah, so those are the ones I could think of.

Awesome New Computer Update: My Dell is currently in Harrisburg, and should be at my house by tomorrow! Just in time for me to get there too. Hooray!
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My Dell!

2.0GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, 128MB video card, 15.4 inch widescreen, and a cd-burner. Plus I get a 128MB memory key with it.
Awesome :)
I hope the person that won the auction for my old computer on Ebay will actually pay for it soon.

EDIT 4/18: The person paid, and my (well, now someone else's) computer is now on its way to Albany, CA. Meanwhile, Dell has already finished building and testing my new system. All that's left now is boxing it and shipping it :)

Selling stuff, buying stuff, getting stuff for free...

Someone bid on my computer at eBay :) Also, my credit card came in the mail yesterday, so after a throughough reading of the Terms of Service (I am very suspicious of people who give me free money - even if it is temporarily), I bought a Dell! It is so nice, I can't wait for it get shipped to me. Hoorraaay :)

So, I am trying to see if I can score a free iPod. I wanted to see exactly how the thing worked, and how much of a scam it was. I gave them an email address I don't check much, and for the offer they make you complete, I just downloaded a free trial of Napster since the hard drive of this computer will be formatted shortly anyway. Well, I would get a free iPod, but I need to refer 5 people to, and they have to sign up for an offer. If anyone would like to help me out with that, by going there, giving them an email address you don't check, then signing up for a free Napster trial and deleting it in a few days if you want, that'd be really cool. Thanks :)

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